Solar Choice Ballot Initiative Analysis Summary

As our network partners have entered a coalition supporting a solar ballot initiative by Floridians for Solar Choice, the Liberty First Network has analyzed the initiative in comparison to alternative information being circulated. 

After analysis, the Liberty First Network considers these things to be true about the ballot initiative:

  • The ballot initiative’s purpose is to promote solar small-scale solar energy by removing regulatory barriers. Those barriers include the prohibition of selling energy produced without the determination of a utility and a prohibition on leasing solar equipment. 

  • The initiative would allow for the generation and sale of up to 2 megawatts of energy per year or the equivalent of the usage of one large store. 

  • The initiative does not promote nor include subsidies.

  • To comply with regulatory building and court precedent, electric utilities will need to provide access to power grids however there is no prohibition on utilities charging for the service.

  • The initiative would allow for competition in the electric utility market which would promote innovation and improved efficiency. 

  • The coalition of organizations promoting the ballot initiative comes from all political ideologies and parties. 

  • The initial funding has come from one major source but is consistent with donations for paid staff that would otherwise be volunteer work in other coalition partners. 

The Liberty First Network is a grassroots advocacy group specializing in lobbying and education on state legislation. As an organization we do not support, endorse or oppose any ballot initiatives.

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