What Lubricant To Use With Anal Beads

The thoughts of having anal sex thrill many individuals. If you think it will cause a lot of pain, there are lubes that will turn it into a very pleasing and enjoyable experience. There is no need to get scared when your partner wants to enjoy anal sex. You can use anal sex toys such as anal beads to eliminate that fear and feel comfortable. 

Lubes will play a very important role in order to make you feel comfortable. What lubricant to use with anal beads? This question might confuse you because there are literally so many types of lubes available in the market. Anyone can get confused when you will get so many varieties of lubes. This guide will help you in choosing a perfect lube to use with anal beads. 

What is the material of your anal beads?

You must consider the material used to prepare your sex toy before you choose the lube. Silicone built sex toys are widely preferred by users across the globe. You should never make a mistake of using silicone based lubes with silicone made anal beads. If you mistakenly apply silicone lube on a silicone made sex toy, it will bend your toy and destroy it. You should use water-based high-quality lube with your silicone made anal beads. 

If you own rubber-made anal beads, you should never oil-based lube on it. Sex toys made of metal, plastic, or vinyl are perfect to use with all kinds of lubes. So, it will be pretty convenient for you to choose a metal, vinyl, or plastic made sex toy if you want to keep the choices open in lubrication. Silicone made anal beads is high-quality toys and requires special lubrication to provide exceptional pleasure.

Flavoured or unflavored?

You might be wondering that favoured lubes are created to make rimming a pleasurable experience. In reality, anal beads lubrication producers offer this product because some couples like to add a flavour when enjoying anal sex. You can prefer it if you are going to put your mouth down there. There is no reason to choose flavoured lubes to use with anal beads unless you want to make it feel more real. Flavored lubes seem perfect when the couples are enjoying vaginal sex. It lures the male partner to offer the pleasure of oral sex before going for the main course. 

Should you choose anal numbing creams?

Some individuals may suggest you use products such as anal numbing creams before you indulge in anal sex. Many experts and sex educators suggest that you should never use such products when going for anal sex or trying sex toys such as anal beads. You are not going to have surgery and there is no need to apply any numbing cream because that’s what people use before having surgery. 

It might become a painful experience for you once the effects of numbing cream are gone. Anal beads are designed to make anal sex a less painful experience for you. In fact, the best lubes are available in the market to try with anal beads. Use the lubes designed for anal bead and not a medicinal product designed for treatment. You will never be able to feel the pleasure of anal sex if you use such products. 

Thicker lubes are best for anal penetration:

Your anus is a very delicate body part. It should be treated gently in order to avoid serious health concerns. The experts suggest that thicker lubes offer more cushion and enjoyment than thinner lubes. So, if it is your first experience with anal beads, you should decide to use thicker lubes. You will feel less discomfort and more pleasure during anal sex. Thinner lubes are designed to make it more comfortable and enjoyable process. So, always pick a thicker lube for anal sex and thinner for vaginal sex. 

Popular options in lubes to use with anal beads:

There are three popular types of anal lubes, silicone based lubes, oil based lubes, and water-based lubes. If you do not want to apply lubrication time and again while using anal beads, you should use silicone based lubrication. Oil-based anal lubes are neither so great nor so bad. You can use this kind of lubes on with all types of sex toys. So, if you are looking for an affordable and multipurpose lube, you should pick oil based lubrication. Water-based lubes are not perfect for anal sex because these are thinner. So, choose oil based or silicone based lubes with anal beads. 

There are a variety of lubricants available in the market. All are produced for different uses. Lubes used during sex are special products. These lubrications allow you to feel comfortable without causing any kind of side-effect. So, choose the right product to apply on your butts and do not try anything harmful because it can cause serious health concerns.

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